For the last ten years God has blessed me with incredible speaking opportunities. When I was in college I ran into Duffy Robbins and asked him one question, “What would you tell someone my age that wants to reach students through speaking?”  he responded “Take advantage of every speaking opportunity, no matter how strange or different it may be.”  I took that advice to heart and I have spoken at 5th grade graduations, prisons, Civil air patrol meetings, Boy Scout Trainings, public and private schools and all places in between.

The bulk of my speaking has taken place at Scotts Hill Baptist Church.  Regularly preparing and speaking for middle, high school and college students on a weekly basis for a decade has allowed me to sharpen and stretch the gift God has blessed me with. My goal with the students God placed under my leadership was to speak the truths of God’s Word in a way that would captivate the heart and mind of the listener and challenge them to think differently about their relationship with God.  My goal was not to be a talking head with message, but an engaging communicator guiding the audience through a memorable experience.

I have always believed that the Gospel and the work of God is the greatest story to ever be written or told.  All great films, stories and plots follow the same creative pyramid of “Exposition–> Rising Action–> Climax–>Falling Action–> Resolution”.   Think about your favorite movies or stories they all have this in common.  I believe this is written on the hearts of man by the most creative and dramatic storyteller of all time, God.  So I believe that I should steward and present the timeless stories and truths of God’s Word in a way that does it justice.  You don’t serve a filet mignon on a trashcan lid folks.

I have those same goals for your ministry and students you lead and teach.  Let’s begin a journey of relationship and discover how I can help take your next events’ communication to the next level.

Check out some of the videos and testimonials below:


“As the parents of a collegiate son, high school daughter and middle school daughter, my wife and I understand how critical it is to have other voices speaking and investing into their lives the values and character that we consider so important. Joey Todd is such a voice. The next generation needs Joey Todd’s influence. I consider it an honor to call Joey my friend.”

Stuart Hall

Speaker, Author of The Seven Checkpoints and Max Q

“Joey is creative and cares about reaching this generation with the Gospel. God has given him both the perspective to see vision (coaching others), while also the urgency to respond to that need (passion to speak). I’ve worked with Joey at both the local church level, as well as shared the platform with him at other events. Joey truly embodies the heart of creative evangelist which is who we need speaking to our students .”

Jay Oliver

Founder and Director of Ecamps

“Joey offers a very unique yet lucid approach to his ministry. Having had the privilege to serve along side him several times, Its not hard to notice his dedication and altruism. Very powerful, anointed man of God with a servants heart”.

Elisha St. James

Gospel Recording Artist, Worship Pastor

“I have known Joey Todd since 1995, first as his pastor/mentor, and then I have observed him closely in his teaching-preaching-mentoring ministry at SHBC where I have held my membership since 1999.   Through all these years I have noted that he has excelled in every way; first in his personal life and integrity, as a student at UNCW, a model husband and father, and as  pastor on our staff at SHBC to hundreds of our students, many of whom he led to Christ,  and coaching many others toward Christian maturity.  He is the “Real Deal” in my book.  It is, therefore, with profound pleasure and utmost confidence to commend and recommend him to further ministries where the Holy Spirit may call him.”

Bill Bennett, Ph.D

Founder/CEO of Mentoring Men for the Master, Int’l., Chaplain at SEBTS

“Joey is a gifted communicator with a clear love for Christ and the local church. He is able to present Scripture in a clear and memorable way that leaves the listener with a clear next step in their walk with Christ.”

Dillon Shupe

Student Pastor, Crossroads Church, Benson NC